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Software to help communities adapt to wildfire

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Increasing communities resilience to wildfire

Defensible Space &
Home Hardening Evaluations

Robust, best in class evaluation platform that helps residents resolve issues

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Chipper Day Programs
Improve the efficiency and experience of community chipper programs.

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“Fire Aside’s capability to visualize Defensible Space & Home Hardening data at a granular level is already having a major impact on policy.  We can now focus on the most impactful projects and measure improvements to residents' safety.”

Mark Brown, Executive Director, Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority

Defensible Space & Home Hardening Evaluation

Defensible Space & Home Hardening Evaluations

Field app designed exclusively for DS & HH evaluations combined with an online resident report customized to that parcel. With advanced analytics to provide accountability and GIS layers for modeling and incident response teams

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Chipper day:

Optimizing fuel removal for 1,000,000+ residents…

Chipperday is used by FireWise, Agencies, and HOAs to improve the planning, execution, and data capture from their chipping programs

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Our Stats:

out of 5.0

feedback from tens of thousands of residents who interacted with software from Fire Aside.

reporting taking

Action within 30 days of opening their report.

evaluations / hour

During peak evaluation seasons

What residents have to say:

“We have removed the juniper in the front of our house, cleared greenery and foliage beneath the front living room window, Purchased and installed fire proof tarps to wrap our firewood, moved our extra propane tank to the garage, cleared dried leaves, nearly everything on our list”

"The photos and explanation of the fire hazards served as an outline for our projects. We are about halfway through our to dos"

“Receiving the report gets me to remove vegetation and make a defensible space around our house.”

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