home resale inspections

Disclosure ready report to meet
and local ordinances

example images of the AB 38 report

Create disclosure ready wildfire report that is easy for buyers and sellers to understand.

One system, one set of data, and one process
Clear & simple content on what is not compliant with state (and local) defensible space compliance requirements. Clear communication on what aspects of the house are fire resilient and what parts are not.

WUI Disclosure with 1-click
Select what items you wish to include (or select all) from list of open items and home hardening discoveries.  Instant create a PDF report to send to agents, buyers & sellers.

Activity Tracking
Track and report on all property sale related activity (evaluations & reports produced).  Can be used for cost recovery.  *Optional billing module for FA to charge the evaluation fee at time of request and remit funds to your agency.

Track resolutions
Easily keep track of what issues are resolved by the seller or outstanding for the buyer.  Optional automatic reminders and/or reporting to identify where to follow up

“The property sale report from Fire Aside has been a game changer for us.  Our realtors love it as clear and easy to understand.   It also gives us a way to reach the new buyer and help them think about home hardening priorities for their new home”.
Larry Pasero, Deputy Fire Marshal,
Kentfield Fire Protection District

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