Fire Agencies

Fire Aside offers an agency version that is designed to improve & simplify the defensible space inspections. With fine agency professionals as our advisors, we understand that agencies may have a specific mandate or requirements around their local ordinances and we usually accommodate this. 


save time_2x.png

Saves time = more inspections

data capture_2x.png

Consistent data capture

report_2x (2).png

Customized report sent to your residents

Fire Aside Agency Version Features:

Usable on mobile devices (personal or agency) in the field, replaces the clipboard

Prompt scripts & logic trees helps inspectors answer questions specific to that property

Output can be sent to the homeowner(s) via email or a print copy produced

Secure data is encrypted and proprietary to the government agency collecting

Outputs can be integrated with other municipal GIS activities (i.e. inform council for planning, fire modeling, emergency response scenarios, etc.)

Optional input for proprietary agency data sets (i.e. zoning overlays, property tax records, etc.)

Review previous inspections to evaluate if remediation activities were completed.

Aggregation of data for neighborhood, district views