Defensible Space & Home Hardening evaluations made easy.

Transform your DS & HH
evaluation program

Defensible Space & Home Hardening evaluation software displayed on various devices

Create reports for your residents that are interactive, easy to understand and help them prioritize and resolve DSpace & Home Hardening issues.

“Since we switched from Collector to Fire Aside we’ve completed more evaluations, dramatically improved resident engagement, and have data to track performance and improve community risk modeling.”

- Todd Lando, Battalion Chief, Central Marin Fire Department

Field app:

The only app designed exclusively for Defensible Space & Home Hardening Evaluations.

App interface example App interface example

The Fire Aside iOS field app was designed based on insights from 10s of thousands of field evaluations.  Enabling faster evaluations with more data.

Designed for offline first
(Full performance regardless of cell coverage)

100s of discovery types
(Customized to local vegetation & buildings)

Detailed data on findings
(Location, relationship to structure, photos, notes)

Fast & Intuitive interface
(User experience was designed from ground up for inspectors)

Automated report generation
(Evaluation report is automatically created- no time at the office translating findings into a report)

Residence report:

Improving residents experience

(and compliance)

Images of residents report on mobile and laptop

Create resident evaluation reports they will love (and use).

The Fire Aside resident portal was designed to help residents understand their defensible space and home hardening status.   It helps them understand priorities, how to resolve, and makes it easy to ‘check off” as they complete items.

Secure online report
Residents interact with their report online.  (US Mail option for residents with access limitations)

Customized to the parcel
Each report provides custom content specific to that parcel.

Prioritized checklist
Each resident is given a customized checklist prioritized to their property.  Eliminate generic feedback.

Integrated resources to resolve
Make it easy for residents to resolve issues with integration of chipping events, grants/rebates, approved vendors, & education materials

Automated Report Content
Report is automatically assembled based on content customized to your jurisdiction (ordinances & messaging)

Resident Reminders & Notifications
Send notification to residents the day after their inspection and follow up reminders if they don’t access it.

Admin tools:

Advanced analytics & operational tools

picture of DSI Admin tool

Offering a wide range of analytics dashboards to understand Defensible Space & Home Hardening in your jurisdiction.

Reporting dashboards let you drill in on granular analysis such as;

Which homes have material stored under their deck, juniper in Zone 0, and single pane windows?”…

…To more macro questions like

…"How many homes did we evaluate this year that had vents > ⅛?

All information is accessible via the admin portal, exportable to other systems including state reporting requirements and can be exposed as GIS layers.

picture of DSI Admin tool

The web based management tool enables you to look specific properties, review resolved / unresolved issues, analyze issues residents report as resolved, prioritize follow up inspections and much more.

Admin portal screens
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