Supporting Defensible Space Inspection (DSI) Teams

Fire Aside DSI dramatically improves the collection activities for Defensible Space Inspectors.

Integrating with back end reporting systems AND providing recommendations to residents in a simple, easy to follow guide.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Field teams use the collector app on their iPad

Field prompts match the reality of field work where no home or homeowner is the same.

Residents receive their inspection report. Data is uploaded to multiple reporting systems (CALFire, ERI, etc.)

Residents harden their home with optional follow up nudges and confirmations.

Step 4

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Easy to understand evaluation
Coaching residents on where to focus efforts to improve their resilience

Beyond the fire code requirements there are a lot of things a resident can do to improve their home and increase their safety.  The challenge is how to communicate, track, motivate, and support residents with these changes.

Our resident reporting module follows local priorities with simple visuals, examples, and resources (including financial support) for residents to prioritize their improvements.


Q: We have been running DSI for years, why do we need this?

State and local governments, particularly in WUI areas, are requiring more inspections of their communities. In addition, fire departments are being asked more regularly to help with resident inspections for insurance certifications. At the same time, budgets are being compressed. Our program improves collection time, communication with residents and follow up efficiently using the limited time departments have.

More importantly, is no more 'parking ticket' style reports to residents. Our custom built reports help guide residents to what are mandatory changes and suggested improvements helping guide residents on how to best harden their homes.

Q: Do we need to buy special equipment?

Our service is cloud based and runs as an app on iPads. We support an offline mode to capture data and sync when back in cell coverage range or at the station.

Q: How does this work with our requirement to send data to CALFire and local systems?

We support integration with all the major software used by fire agencies including ArcGIS (“collector”) and ERS.

Q: What if our community has specific requirements for residents, related to wildfire?

The reporting process can be customized to align to your policies and regulations (in addition to state code).

Q: How does this work for residents?

Residents receive a web-based report (can also be mailed or printed) which provides them helpful information on any mandatory fire code infractions they are required to fix as well as recommendations (not in the code but good practice) to harden their property.
We  also include links to local resources on financial assistance, vegetation guides, and where to purchase for DIY or get local licensed contractors

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