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We started with the idea that we can use technology to help our neighbors double their chances of surviving a wildfire with a handful of relatively inexpensive improvements.

About Us

Fire Aside was started by a group of homeowners in Northern California. The common thread was that we all wanted to help improve our home but didn't know where to start. Equally important the generic defensible space checklists didn't really help us prioritize for our homes.

We've recruited a team of leading fire experts; who also live in Urban-Wildlife Interface, with backgrounds from the National Fire Safe Council, Institute for Business & Home Safety, Wildfire Hazard & Vegetation Management consultants, as well as leading academic researchers.​

Using information about homes, neighborhoods, terrain, accessibility and vegetation we are able to evaluate the impacts of various measures to improve wildfire resilience for homeowners and communities.

We believe that data is key to empowering local fire agencies to work efficiently and effectively; maximizing the impact of our tax dollars.

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is proud to support and complement the great work of these organizations

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Cal Fire

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FireSafe Council


Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist

Articles & Research

At Fire Aside we are always looking to improve on our learning to continually provide you with something better. In pursuit of our research, we are always reading reports and articles - we thought you may find these particular ones interesting as well.