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Make your community chipper program run seamlessly

Benefits of the Chipper Day Software

Simplify management of your chipping program

Increase fuel removal and participation without more budget

Easy for residents & community members

Detailed reporting: FireWise, CALFire, community leads, etc.

1. Chipper program manager defines events by setting dates, capacity, defining areas (maps or lists), and any unique parameters for that event.

2. Residents alerted to event and register via online portal.  All confirmations, reminder emails are automated. 

How it Works

3. Field app optimizes the route for crews (single or multiple) and enables them to capture data on each pile including before & after photos.

4.  Administrator dashboard provides advanced reporting and real-time visibility on crew progress.



Homeowners were engaged in 5 months



Rated the program a 5 out 5 in satisfaction



Indicated the program is what caused them to remove vegetation.


Cubic yards on average have been removed by the homeowners.

Program Manager

“Fire Aside Chipper Day service has made a huge difference in our program.  Less time trying to manage schedules and supporting residents and more time removing fuel from the community.  This has been a game changer for us”.  


“Good program--it is reassuring to see our tax money put to wise use... Keep up the good work.“ 

“We were thrilled to have the free program. Thank you. It is very motivating!” 


Q: What size community can benefit from this software?

We have supported programs covering an entire county for 6 months to a small neighborhood with 3 days of activity.  Regardless of the size of your project, Fire Aside improves program management and simplicity of community engagement. 

Q: We only use drop off instead of curb pickup, how does your program help?

We support a range of chipping use cases from curb service to central drop-offs, including hybrids with small runner trucks to local chipping locations.  We also support large community jobs (like clearing 10 tons from a local school).  In all cases the program management and tracking increases participation and efficiency for your budget.

Q: How do we tell residents about the program and service?


Communities use existing email lists, city newsletters, public signs and word of mouth. We can also support awareness via targeting advertising on social media or direct mail. 

Q: How long does it take to setup?

Setup is easy with a quick onboarding and training session for the program manager(s) and the field crews.

Q: Do we need to buy special equipment?

The service is securely hosted on AWS and field crews can access from a mobile phone, though we have found dedicated iPads for crews are best suited for longer running programs.

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