Helping you understand and prioritize actions that can harden your home against wildfire.

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Wildfire creates problems for all of us

Financial loss from property destruction

Disruption from evacuations

Insurance cancellations are on the rise

Personal loss of irreplaceable items

Most homes can double their chances of surviving a wildfire with a handful of relatively inexpensive improvements

No two properties are the same so why are all the checklists generic?

Fire Aside is a service that provides residents a customized wildfire rating for their property. It creates a prioritized list of improvements to increase your home's resilience to wildfire. 

Step 1

Access our survey on your phone or computer

Step 2

Follow the prompts to answer questions and take pictures of your property.

Step 3

Receive a custom report prioritizing the best ways to harden your property.

Step 4

Start hardening your home

Easy to understand evaluation
Based on extensive research and ongoing field evaluations

Fire Aside uses a set of proprietary analysis based on decades of research on homes that did (or did not) survive wildfire.

This includes a range of input from academic, fire agencies, and certified experts.

We are constantly updating our evaluation model based on new information (including the Paradise fire) and new building codes to ensure your report includes the best practices for your home.

Homeowner Feedback

"I found the report illustrative without being overwhelming."

- Lisa (Novato)

"I can't believe how much I didn't know about protecting my house. Thanks so much!"

- Kate (San Rafael)

"The assessment is easy to understand and the pages that follow helped me determine what I can do to move the risk sliders."

- Andre (Fairfax)

About Us

Fire Aside was started by a group of homeowners in Northern California. The common thread was that we all wanted to help improve our home but didn't know where to start. Equally important the generic defensible space checklists didn't really help us prioritize for our homes.

We've recruited a team of leading fire experts; who also live in Urban-Wildlife Interface, with backgrounds from the National Fire Safe Council, Institute for Business & Home Safety, Wildfire Hazard & Vegetation Management consultants, as well as leading academic researchers.​

Using information about your home we are able to evaluate the cost versus the impact to your home resilience to give you a prioritized and actionable set of recommendations.

We believe your data belongs to you and we will not share it with third parties.

is proud to support and complement the great work of these organizations

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FireSafe Council


Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist

Articles & Research

At Fire Aside we are always looking to improve on our learning to continually provide you with something better. In pursuit of our research, we are always reading reports and articles - we thought you may find these particular ones interesting as well.

Defensible space video

Who's checking homes?

Potential for decks to burn

The vulnerability of vents to windblown embers

Create defensible space

Harden your


Q: How is Fire Aside able to offer this for free?

We are still in beta stage and working toward a final product. Because our customers are generous to share their time and information to improve our systems, we are happy to provide a free analysis in return.

Q: If I follow all your recommendations, how safe will it make my house?

Fire Aside believes that our recommendations will be additive to your home’s defensible footprint and put your home in the best condition to be protected from a wildfire. However, wildfires and fires, in general, are unpredictable in nature. Our goal is to reduce your risk so that your home can be as prepared as possible.

Q: What do you do with my information?

We do not sell your information to marketers. Our objective is to provide you with a complete analysis to help your home avoid risk from wildfire. Information gathered is reviewed by both automated systems and certified fire professionals in order to produce a customized report. Some of your wildfire risk data is aggregated to identify where there may be large risk areas that need improvement across communities.

Q: Do you cover all of the US?

No, unfortunately at this time we are limited to certain zip codes within California. We hope to expand our coverage and are happy to let you know when we do.


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